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"Yahweh's dealings with me about Israel" (2)    by Elisabeth Avallone.


I had my answer, and even though I perhaps interpreted it in an imperfect way, the words kept me on track, knowing that somehow my destiny revolved round Israel.
My next encounter with Yahweh’s heart concerning Israel was a number of years later. I was recovering from M.E. in Birmingham, and was at last feeling some energy returning, enough to begin to take part in the fellowship group I was staying with.

One day Yahweh spoke to me about the hunters and the fishers spoken of in Jeremiah 16:16, about being one of the people who would find His scattered people, the Israelites! I again felt the heart of Yahweh for His people Israel, in an even more overwhelming way. I felt the sorrow and anguish of His heart. I found an answering cry within my heart, "I am willing to be a hunter, a fisher, I am willing, help me to find your people Israel!"
I did not fully understand the implications of my words or know the relevant scriptures at the time.

I began to pray for the Jewish people and all the other tribes in earnest from this time.

One day, as I recovered from the sickness which had plagued me for so long, I was beginning to work part time in the Bible Book Shop and Restaurant. I prayed earnestly about what my next area of work would be for Him. Yahweh graciously spoke to me again, deep within my heart: "I want you to help find the lost sheep of the house of Israel."

I did not fully understand these words, and prayed for understanding and direction. Shortly afterwards I knew I should return to live in Nottingham where he had initially spoken to me about Israel. I began to fellowship with a group of people who loved Israel as I did, and who prayed regularly for her restoration. I had also been lent a book about the ten lost Tribes which I devoured greedily, as it was indeed answering a lot of questions which were deep within my heart about Israel and who they were. Read about this on the page "Israel the Beloved"

A couple of years later, I was asked to be a part of a ministry weekend in Northumberland. The outcome of this finally made up my mind about the way I should go in later years. Yahweh again began to talk to me about the restoration of His people Israel. The burden deep in my heart was greater than any I had previously felt.

I began to understand more of His will for us. That we were a privileged people hearing and understanding the will of the Almighty. That we were in the holy place, hearing holy things, and that His will for us was that we should live holy lives, that we should be walking in His Commandments as part of His people in the earth.

That the re-gathering of Israel was His desire, and that we were somehow to be involved in this process in our generation. That we should be ambassadors to the lost sheep of Israel, those who were scattered because of idolatry. To teach them the Commandments and to bring them to Him that they should be restored. I felt His love for Israel, His great desire that they should be found again, and brought back to a living experience of Him. I felt His heartbreak for His lost ones. I remembered the verses about Him desiring to be a Shepherd again to them, finding them once more and eventually bringing them back to His land. Since this incredible experience, I have come to an understanding about the house of Israel, how the ten tribes are largely still lost among the nations, and that many of Judah are still far from their homeland. Let us who understand, pray for the re-gathering and the re-uniting of the tribes and their final restoration to the land of Israel, promised to them through Abraham so long ago. Now I understand the feeling I had had on the beach. Yes, I did desire to be a part of the Father's chosen race, but it was not for me to become Jewish, but that, as part of the wider Commonwealth of Israel, I would stand alongside the Tribe of Judah, the apple of His eye.

Those precious ones who have kept hold of Torah and the Traditions,

in order that the world may come to know the Father of all. This truth is of the utmost importance today, considering the present troubles of the Tribe of Judah, the Jewish nation, (which of course also includes members of the other Tribes, especially Benjamin and Levi). This, I believe, is the Father’s heart for me to follow, and I am delighted to discover that there are many more who have also received this same revelation in our day, and calling, to stand with Judah, and put our efforts into the re-gathering of the whole house of Israel. It has to happen in fulfilment of Ezekiel 37, and many other scriptures.

If this testimony has blessed you, and you desire to discuss it, please    e-mail me.

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