"Knowing the Jewish Messiah of Israel"

Did you know that you could be a part of the most momentous, exciting event of all time? The return of the risen Messiah to Israel. That you could return WITH HIM in a glorious cloud of witnesses and the people of true faith from all generations!
The way this is possible is for you to acknowledge that YHWH has sent His Son Yahshua, the Messiah of Israel, written about by the prophets to Israel to prepare us for His glorious return. when Yahshua came, He said "I come only for the lost sheep of the house of Israel" He was and is the risen Jewish Messiah. Yahshua was killed by cruel men and hung on a Roman stake.
The thing most people do not understand is that He who fulfilled the prophecies of long ago was sinless. Because of this YHWH raised Him from the dead after three days and He was seen by hundreds of witnesses, some of whom have faithfully recorded their experiences of his life and the things He taught them during the 40 days between His resurrection and His return to YHWH His Father and ours.

He is able to give you ability through His Spririt to overcome those evil things which so often overpower you and cause you to break the commandments. An eminent Rabbi said these words: "...for the good that you wish you do not do, but you practise the very evil that you do not wish. But if you are doing the very thing that you do not wish, it is no longer you that is doing it, but it's the evil that dwells in you. You find then the principal that evil is present in you. Who then will set you free from the body of this death? He then concludes: THANKS BE TO YAHWEH, THROUGH YAHSHUA, THE RISEN MESSIAH! This will become your experience.
We have written a simple prayer for you to say from your heart today to begin a wonderful new relationship with the Elohim of your fathers through Yahshua. In Proverbs 30 verse 4 the writer says "What is His name? and what is His son's name?" Solomon knew that YHWH the Father has a Son, and it is through this Son that you can have a personal relationship with the Father, a relationship that you would never have thought possible. In His love for you He was willing to pay the ultimate price.

Here is the prayer:
Heavenly Father, I repent for my sins, I have neglected Your Torah, I have neglected You. I come into Your presence in humility today and ask you to forgive me through the blood of Yahshua, Your sinless sacrifice for me.
I desire to know Your Son Yahshua and believe that it was for me that He died and rose again. He is my lamb, He was sinless and died that I may have Eternal Life.
I desire to learn more about You, Eternal Father, and to walk in Your Torah. Reveal Your Son to me today, the risen Messiah, Yahshua that I may begin a new life, a life of victory and righteousness. I give You my heart and my life today and ask that I may be a part of that wonderful crowd of witnesses that will come when Your Son returns as the glorious Messiah of Israel. Thank You.

Now you have prayed this prayer from your heart, begin to share your life with the risen Messiah, begin to know Him, read about Him, study and practise what He taught, for you will find He taught only those things His Father told Him to teach. He was the fulfilment of the Law in that He brought meaning to it and gives power to those who believe in Him to overcome the power of sin.