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The plurality of the Godhead -
"Whom do you say that I am?"

As many Christians are becoming aware of their "Hebraic Roots"(some say 'Jewish' although it goes further back than that) which is a good thing, some are being entangled with Rabbinic traditions to such an extent that they are being converted to Judaism. They have completely "lost the plot" so to speak.
It is because of this fact that this article came into existence. I will be quoting mainly from two sources. Lastly I will be adding some relevant scriptures.

Reading carefully and prayerfully through the New Testament again in the light of this subject made me realise that it was also a great issue when Yahshua walked up and down Israel. He often asked people "Who do you think I am?" and "Do you think I came from the Father?" and "Who do people say I am?" He often talked with His disciples about the subject, and praised Peter for his exclamation "Thou art the Messiah, the son of the Living Elohim." Yahshua told him that the revelation that He was Yahweh's Son had come from no other than the Father.

Yahshua Himself was challenged on numerous occasions regarding who He was and where He came from. The adversary tempted Him on this issue in the wilderness..."If thou be the Son of YHWH..." Others in authority also tested Him on this issue. The High Priest asked Him outright, "Tell us whether you are the Son of God?" and Yahshua answered, "Thou hast said."

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