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Peter's story

In 1994 I went to a Messianic meeting in an hotel in Nottingham, and there was some Hebraic dancing, along with vibrant Israeli music and worship. The atmosphere was light and inviting and so I got up to join in and try the dance.
My heart was strangely warmed, so I decided to let myself go and enjoy what was happening. I found myself climbing to new spiritual heights. I began to shout and praise. This was something I had not done for a long time, but it did not stop there, I found a place of total abandonment. I felt peace like I had never known before. Something very special was happening: there was healing taking place deep within me.
The dance has opened many wonderful doors in my life. It was in these meetings where I first met Virginia White, who invited me along to her dance workshops in Sheffield and to places in the North East of England, and it was here that my spiritual life began to grow and mature through dancing.
Through working with Ginnie and the Northern Messianic Dancers, (now called 'The Sh'ma Kingdom Dancers) many other lives are being touched through the dance. Since then, I have had many opportunities to lead and teach dance in worship. Each occasion has been uniquely blessed and anointed. I am so thankful to Yahweh for such an unspeakable privilege, to lead His people into worship and praise through the avenue of dance.

'Beth's story

My first introduction to Hebraic dancing was when I attended a Messianic Conference in Wales in 1997. After I was married, I began accompanying Peter to more Messianic meetings around the country. At this time I was unaware of how involved I would become. When I first attempted to join the dancing, I must admit, I couldn't really 'enter in' to the joy of it, as I was too concerned about learning the steps; but gradually, as I began to relax I realised how much Yahweh was enjoying it. He was obviously anointing the dancers and bringing about healing and unity among us, which is wonderful.
My heart was thrilled as I met many Jewish members and saw His jew and gentile One New Man being formed among us Eph2:15. The holy Spirit spoke to me many years ago about the Jewish people and how precious and special they are to my Father, and I have always had a desire to be with and to be a part of them.

There is a gentleness and grace in some of the dances which requires a yielding of the spirit in a way quite foreign to one born a gentile. (However, I say 'born' as we are no longer gentiles when we embrace the promises of our inheritance in Israel. Eph2:19) In the dance there is sometimes a more aggressive, warfare-like element when prayer is prevalent and much heart searching takes place.
We are discovering that there are many types of dance, taking us to new places of discovery. Also, we are learning from each other each time we meet for prayer, spiritual warfare, fellowship and praise, however the holy Spirit is leading us. It is exciting, vibrant and wonderful.

At the monthly practises people appear from all over the country, from London and the south, Blackpool and the west, as far apart as Anglesea, the Midlands, Yorkshire and other areas of the country. They share a bond only possible in the Spirit of our Father. It is a privilege to be a part of such a wonderful group where hearts are united in His love, where one is edified, encouraged and blessed as lives and experiences and blessings are shared. May our Father be praised for this special work of the holy Spririt through dance.

Peter and 'Beth teach Hebraic dancing and The Roots of our faith. They teach dance as an expression of worship and involve others in a learning and 'hands on' situation. Peter and 'Beth also teach on the Feasts of Yahweh, and many other varied subjects. They see the relevance of keeping Biblical times and seasons in our day, in preparation for the coming of Messiah.

Teaching worship through dance at Cliff College

A dance workshop at Ribby Hall Blackpool

Teaching a men's processional dance, South Normanton Derbyshire Junction 28

Bei Machol is a dance instruction dvd which is also available.

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Click on picture to see a clip from a dance workshop in Maghul, Liverpool 2012

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