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PAGE 1 Healing through understanding the spiritual roots of disease.      PAGE 2 Healing through confession of Yahweh's Word and Deliverance.
PAGE 3 Healing through believing and acting on Yahweh's Word.           PAGE 4 Healing through dealing with the inner man and persistent prayer.
PAGE 5 Healing through miracles.                                                             PAGE 6 The truth shall set you free, and healing from past attitudes.

"Healing and Health"
Page 6. The Truth shall set you free, and healing from past attitudes.

The Truth shall set you free

I have discovered, through experience, that not only reading Truth in the Scriptures, but having the truth of a situation revealed to us from Yahweh Himself is enough to set us free, without any other intervention. John 8:32 "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

For years I was plagued with a personal problem, a difficulty which sometimes got the better of me. I prayed, fasted, asked for prayer, sought deliverance, only to find that the wretched thing (and it was a 'thing') reappeared. I did not appear to be able to free myself completely from its 'torment'.
This 'thing' almost destroyed my life. It was like a curse, but I convinced myself, and others through their responses and words, convinced me that I had a real flaw in my nature, and that a part of me was just 'bad'. There appeared to be no answer, and no hope. I was lost.
I struggled for many, many years with this problem. Sometimes it didn't bother me, and I never thought about it, then suddenly, BAM! It was there, facing me once more, taunting me, weakening me, filling me with trepidation.
When I received Yahshua (Jesus) into my life I never expected to still have problems, I thought I was completely changed, and I am sure that I was, but like the Israelites of old, when going into the promised land, they were left with some enemies, to conquer. They had to continue to fight until the very last enemy was vanquished.
So, I too continued to struggle. I fought, and sometimes won, then with a little more pressure from the enemy I began once again to flounder and accepted the inevitable. Often I would see it coming, and would somehow feel powerless, and when I said 'inevitable' this was a core belief within me that I would ultimately 'have to' give in. Perhaps when we have a 'core belief' about anything like I did, and we are a slave to it, and feel powerless to resist, it could be due to some trauma we underwent when little, too young or too small to fight, it rendered us powerless, so we had to yield. Maybe this 'core' belief remains in us long after we are grown into maturity. I believe the holy Spirit has shown me this because of my own childhood experiences.
As the years went by, in an attempt to 'understand' and gain victory in my life, I even wondered latterly if I had dual personalities, as when this problem reared itself up in my life, or was 'triggered off' so to speak from an unfortunate encounter, or, (as I was to learn, through the crafty machinations of the enemy,) It was like I changed into another, very much different person to who I actually was. If I had fully yielded to it, only Father knows where it would have taken me. I was afraid of who I could become. I fought it, I prayed against it. I was scolded, I was advised, judged. I even had prayers for deliverance, but it continued to wind itself around the fabric of my being convincing me that I was basically evil.
Then, suddenly, after many, many years of struggling, a miracle took place. The evil 'entity' went too far. I now see that it was in fact a ruling evil spirit, which had been in my life or around my life so long, that it had convinced me that it was part of who I was. This particular day, this 'creature' suggested something, attempted to entice me into an activity which was repulsive to me. The ruler becoming too confident in its success in deceiving me, went too far! Suddenly, the light shined, from Yahweh Himself and I knew that it was not me! What a revelation, realisation, what joy!
I did not fast and pray for weeks, I did not even let anyone know I had the answer. I merely asked a friend to stand with me as I rejected the being which had plagued me almost all of my life, giving me unspeakable agony. I rejected it, by its name (which Yahweh had kindly revealed to me) and I was set free on the spot. The 'thing' left me for good. I was transformed, I was filled with unspeakable joy. Yahweh had shown me the answer, that the problem was not me at all! That 'other personality' disappeared, for good! It was over, I was free!
I did not speak of it. I could hardly believe it. I watched my life, I searched for the feelings I used to have, and they were truly gone. I even tried to 'be that person' to enter into that personality, but could not. I was amazed. Such a deliverance that I never dreamed was possible. That was over 23 years ago, and I can declare, that because of Yahshua's death, and His love, I am still and always will be, free.
Now this is my thought. How many more of my 'brothers and sisters' in the faith are plagued by longstanding issues and problems which convince them they have an 'evil' side to their nature? If we genuinely desire to be holy, to walk with Yahweh, and do His will, and we are tormented by something either continually or from time to time, and that something has convinced us that it is ourselves and our 'evil' nature, then let me enlighten you. It is not.
Somehow, somewhere, either through inheritance or trauma, an evil personality has entered your life and through the years has convinced you that you have 'an evil side' or you have an 'insurmountable problem'. Someone, with such a problem recently said to me "That's just the way I am, it's just me!" They had been deceived! I have good news for you, I have truth for you (if you would like to hear it) if you are desperate enough to desire freedom. The devil is a 'liar from the beginning' and the problem is not you! It has been sent to destroy you, and thwart the very will of Yahweh in your life.
Ask Yahweh to reveal to you that this is so, ask Him to show you that it is not you, even though you have always believed that it is. He will, He will show you. He loves you, and knows you long to be different, to be freed from the evil entity within your life. I would be happy to stand with you in this fight, and in gaining your rightful freedom!

Attitudes and mindsets

I have some good news. Carrying on from my last article "The Truth will set you free." I have something else, along the same lines, to share with you, and it is again related to Truth, and again, is based on personal experience.

Attitude and mindset 1, The 'Victim'

About 15 years ago, one day, when at work, I quite unexpectedly encountered an authoritative woman who disagreed with something I had done. Shockingly, and surprisingly, I immediately felt myself descending into a 'victim' mentality. Fear struck and I began feeling many agonising feelings I hadn't felt for a very long time. In fact I was not aware that I had ever felt this way before. I felt victimised, I felt scared, I began to shake with anticipated doom.
Upon returning home I prayed about the fear and deep feelings of insecurity inside myself from the unfortunate encounter. It was odd, to feel this way. It was an immature response. I had no idea at this time why I plummeted down into this tormented 'victim' frame of mind, and couldn't shake it off. I dreaded meeting the woman the next day at work.
I prayed about this 'surprising' and devastating set of feelings, asking Yahweh to help me. Suddenly, Yahweh reminded me of someone from the past, a strong, authoritative woman, who, as I was quite young at the time, did in fact have a great deal of control in my life. He reminded me of how she used to make me feel. Her words and actions made me feel threatened and fearful, and out of control. This rendered me helpless, powerless. I was afraid of her, completely 'owned' 'controlled by' and at her mercy.
With this realisation, it was like a flash of light in my spirit. I thought to myself, "That was it!" It was feelings buried deep inside me from that experience so similar, but so long ago, from when I was young! With the realisation came freedom.
I thanked Yahweh for His revelation, for His truth. Wow. I began at that point to speak sensibly to myself. I was now a mature person. I could deal withthis. I, too, was responsible for others, and in no way should I be bullied. I decided to cast aside the 'victim mentality' now I knew where it originated, and meet with her on an equal standing and state my case.
The next day I went to see her and stated my case strongly and challenged the woman to do what she desired to do (she had given me what she called a 'verbal warning' and would take it further etc. etc.) Bullies do this. They intimidate and beat a person into submission. Yahweh gave me victory and I stood my ground and was vindicated, as I had actually done nothing much wrong. Her bullying and victimisation was far in excess of the fault she had exaggerated. After this second confrontation she was always extremely pleasant to me. I was indeed, set free from this particular 'victim mind set' which had been buried deep within me for a very long time. Yahweh Himself showed me the origin of the problem.

Attitude and mindset 2 The 'Deprived' one.

This is a comparitively recent 'deliverance' which I am currently enjoying. Something which comes with age, which no-one ever talks about, is that as you get older, so does your family, and sometimes (and this is more common than one would imagine) we become carers of our ageing parents and siblings. This story, or I should say, testimony, is drawn from such an experience.
After faithfully visiting and caring for my ageing parents, I later became more of a full-time carer, and responsible for others, who were even more needy. I was no longer free to come and go as I pleased. I became tied down, and without realising it, I began to feel that life was just not fair. Deep feelings of deprivation began to sweep over my emotions, and I became subject to a 'mind-set' of deprivation.
One day this 'blew up' in my face and I became very unhappy and depressed. I felt trapped, there was no escape, I who myself wasn't getting any younger, was tied down, 'obliged' to do the right thing, be at others' 'beck-and-call' so to speak. I knew of course, that these feelings could lead to resentment and worse, so I again sought Yahweh for help. I had so very much going for me, I had all I needed, I knew in my mind that there was much in my life to be thankful for. Why then was I feeling so... yes, deprived?
Yahweh reminded me of a time in my life when I was indeed deprived.

Many years ago I joined a group of people who gave up everything for a biblical walk with Yahweh. We lived on a very small allowance, a pittance almost. We had accommodation, and food, but all else had to come from the small amount we decided to live on each week. Actually I was one of the fore-runners of this experiment and only have myself to blame for what became, for many, quite a difficult thing to do.
As the years went by, and we carried on with living like this, deep down, somewhere within me I felt deprived. I tried to 'shut out' these unwanted feelings. After all, I was 'doing it for Yahshua!' and 'I had to be an example for others! And I had no 'right' to what I considered, selfish feelings. Again, I only have myself to blame for remaining in this position, but I 'steeled myself' and carried on, believing it to be right.
We often didn't have enough to buy new clothes, and either made our own or ask others, more able than us to make them for us, or we would visit charity shops. We couldn't afford holidays, never had enough to even go out for lunch. Often we were not able to visit friends or relatives. We had to save up for any toiletries, petrol for any car we borrowed, in fact everything. Without realising it, deep feelings of deprivation were in my being. I would never have owned up to how I felt, and did not really allow myself to understand or do anything about these feelings at the time.
There is much I could add here, but suffice it to say, I felt deprived. And, as I said, I wouldn't allow myself to dwell on or even admit to myself that I wasn't completely contented, and persuaded myself (and probably others were doing the same,) that it was a joy to be so very dedicated to such a wonderful cause.
Now, to return to the point I desire to make, and the freedom I have been given.

Suddenly, as I was almost drowning in a sea of self-pity and desperate feelings of deprivation, I looked to Yahweh for help. In a blinding flash of revelation, Yahweh showed me that now, my life had absolutely no resemblance to that life whatsoever! There were similarities, that was all. The fact that I was a carer, somehow hooked into dormant feelings which I had repressed long ago, causing me to believe that my situation from the past had returned. In no way was I now deprived! In fact, I had an overflowing of blessings in my life. I could purchase whatever I desired, I had my own home, car, etc. I was completely free, and with a little organisation, I could come and go as I pleased, have all my needs met and more. With that knowledge, there came freedom! Those feelings of deprivation left, and I was free once more! How the adversary loves to bind us to experiences and feelings from the past. Tries to make us live in past difficulties. How he loves to deprive us of the joy of a blessed life. "...For he is a liar and the father of lies." John 8:44.
Are you feeling unhealthy symptoms of past events in your life? Seek Yahweh for truth and He will show you that your adversary is a liar. He will give you freedom to be happy, contented, and yes, joyful! Go for it, be free!
Yahweh bless you as you read these two simple testimonies, and give you the freedom you need, today. Remember, with His light and with His truth, we shall be set free. "Yahshua said it, we believe it, that settles it!" (to quote from a favourite preacher of mine)

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