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PAGE 5 Healing through miracles.                                                             PAGE 6 The truth shall set you free, and healing from past attitudes.

"Healing and Health"
Page 5. Healing through miracles.

7. Healing through miracles. Peter's story

One Sunday about the mid 1980's when I was 39, myself and a few colleagues took a youth group from our Church to an ice skating rink for an afternoon of fun and fellowship. We held hands and made a line and I was on the outside, on the end as we skated round. I found myself going at speeds I was uncomfortable with and I crashed into some poor, unsuspecting person. I went up into the air and came crashing down onto my right shoulder breaking my collar bone.
I was taken to hospital where they took x-rays and sure enough when they put the x-ray up on the screen, we could see the break. As it was a Sunday there was no-one available to put it in plaster, so they made a sling for my arm and strapped it to my chest. My arm and hand felt lifeless. I was told to return the next day, Monday. When I arrived for the appointment the next morning, it was at a very busy time, and there were three waiting rooms full of people waiting to see the doctors, so I sat there for a long time, waiting. Suddenly a thought came to me. "I believe in Yahshua and I believe in His healing power!" I closed my eyes and in my mind's eye imagined what Yahshua looked like being nailed to a cross, or stake.
I imagined I was there. I looked at His face all beaten and torn, the nails in His hands and feet, and imagining walking round Him anti-clockwise, I looked at the mess they had made of His back, and then looking up at His right shoulder, I saw it wasn't broken like mine. Suddenly I felt a strong sensation in my right shoulder blade, as if I was being stabbed with a tap, thread first. Then it was as if a hand was opening the tap and fluid began to flow out of the tap from my shoulder. This is what I could in reality feel, and in my mind's eye, see. I kept on looking at Yahshua hanging there, trying hard not to take notice of what I could actually feel, but I felt life coming into my right hand. I could move my fingers and by the time I got to see the doctor there was nothing wrong with my arm or shoulder at all!
I tried to explain my experience to the doctor, and stated that there was now nothing wrong with my shoulder (how would you explain?) The doctors looked at the x-ray, I moved my arm and waved it around. The doctor was in shock. He asked for a hand held tape recorder, a dictaphone. His actual words were: "This man came with a broken collar bone and it has rapidly healed." He issued me with a certificate for two weeks off work and told me to return in two weeks. The next day, Tuesday, I went to work and returned to the hospital two weeks later and gave the certificate back to the doctor. This was not just a healing, but a miracle. I had had a broken collar bone for 24 hours.
It reminds me of the miracle of the Children of Israel being bitten by serpents. Moses made a bronze serpent on a stake and told the ones bitten to look at the snake in order to be healed. Those who looked at the serpent were healed, and those who did not, died. (Numbers 21:6-9)I had looked at Yahshua on the stake when He died, and yes, I was healed. It was a miracle. I never had problems with that shoulder again.


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