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3.Testimony of healing through believing and doing.

This healing took place on a very special day. I woke up unable to walk. I had no strength to stand, I was helpless in my bed. The special day was Passover preparation day. Everyone else at the Mission Station was at work, and it was my task for the day to prepare for the Passover Meal which was to take place that night. Some of my responsibilities were:

a)Prepare the special table – a great deal of effort was needed
including special settings, serviettes, flowers, labels etc. etc.
b)Cook the meal – and anyone who has done this knows what it entails.
c) Prepare a talk and the spiritual plans for the evening.
d) Prepare the room.
e) Any last minute shopping.
f) Make some soup for those coming in from work.
g) Pack to go away for a week the next day.

I enumerate some of the tasks before me that day in order to say how desperate I was as everyone was expecting this from me. I began to think of the illness happening at that particular time and concluded that it was sent by the enemy of our souls to thwart our special day. I decided to fight it and treat it like an onslaught from the enemy. I decided to ring a friend to get a second opinion. “Go for it” was the reply.
I began to rebuke the evil influence and knew in my spirit that I should make some sort of physical gesture of defiance against the enemy. I crawled out of bed and onto my knees on the floor. I kept on praying against the spirit coming against me and struggled to my feet, waves of exhaustion pouring over me. I began to pray in earnest and praise Yahshua for the deliverance He wrought for me on Calvary. I began to tentatively put one foot in front of the other. I began to walk around the room, praying and praising Yahshua and rebuking the enemy. Gradually I began to feel some strength.
After what seemed hours (but in fact was probably less than half an hour) I began to walk normally, my strength returned and I was – completely normal and healed! Praise be to our Deliverer. I had learned a valuable lesson that day.

4. Healing through hearing

This healing was truly amazing. Whenever I bought a skirt or dress I would have to take two inches off either the bottom of the skirt on one side or from the waist, as one of my legs seemed longer than the other making all my hemlines slanting. I had had this problem for quite a long time, and it was a part of my life.As I was a busy missionary I did not have the time to do this adjusting and so began to learn to put most of my weight on one leg so that the hemline would look more even. This also became a way of life, standing most of the time, on one leg.

One early morning before I was up and about after praying, I was listening to a spiritual tape while lying in bed. Someone on the tape was testifying of being healed from odd legs, one being longer than the other. Of course, it was electrifying for me because of my own condition. I can remember thinking “Well, if they can be healed through Yahshua, so can I!” That is all.
After hearing the tape to the end I began to dress ready for the day ahead. I was combing my hair, looking in the full length mirror on the wall, and happened to glance at my whole appearance (as most ladies do before emerging) in the mirror, and gasped in amazement - my hemline was straight! I checked the waist to see if I had missed fastening it properly, but yes, all was in order. I stood on the leg I normally stood on to straighten my hemline, and lo and behold, it made the familiar slant. I stood on both legs, evenly. To my astonishment I found that I was healed! (No wonder Yahshua said ‘Oh ye of little faith’ why should I have been so surprised!)
It was the most amazing thing – Father was showing me a new secret about “faith comes by hearing – the Word of Yahweh” How wonderful was that!