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We are assured that in Yahshua are all the answers and all the power (Gk dumamis i.e. ability) to heal us, body, soul and spirit. We also believe that it is His will to do so. We would encourage you to seek for healing in all three areas of your life. There are, of course, many ways of being healed. There are those among us who have gifts of healing, and we understand from the scriptures ( James 5:14-15 ) that it is in order to request prayer for healing from "the elders of the Congregation" and that the "prayer of faith shall save the sick, and Yahweh shall raise him up..." This website could never do justice to the many and varied healings there have been among people through the Name of Yahshua and through faith in Yahweh. However, there is space here to mention a few I have personally experienced which may encourage you to seek for healing for yourself.

1. First testimony of healing through Confession of His Word

I was a young believer, only a few months after my first wonderful encounter with Yahshua. (Read about my first experience with Yahshua.)
I was away from home studying to be a teacher in Scarborough, Yorkshire, England. I suffered sometimes from chronic neuralgia in my face. I had been fasting and praying and reading a wonderful book by Watchman Nee, in which he emphasized positive confession for healing. I was on my way home from town with chronic pain in my face and jaw, I couldn’t speak or bear to move my lips or face in any way.

I remembered Nee’s teachings and as I approached the famous iron bridge spanning Marine Drive in Scarborough, decided to try the positive confession.
“I believe Yahshua has healed my face. For the scriptures say: “By His stripes I am healed.” I believe that by the time I reach the other side of the bridge I will be healed!” (it was a wide bridge!) As I began to walk along the bridge – keeping I may add, to my normal walking pace – the pain seemed to grow worse. I continued to pray earnestly and believe, casting out all unbelief. The pain did not lessen, but dragged on and on. I thought of Yahshua and the price He paid for my healing, and confessed again in my heart “By His stripes I AM healed!” I cast out all unbelief as I neared the centre of the bridge.
“In the Name of Yahshua, I am healed” I confessed audibly and in my heart, making the utmost effort to cast out all unbelief. I was nearing the end of the bridge, and the pain was still there. I continued to earnestly believe that I was healed. The last few steps – was the pain really lessening? It was! At last I was across the bridge – the pain was gone! HalleluYah.
I walked up the hill to where I was staying, rejoicing in my heart, and wanting to shout for joy. I never suffered with neuralgia again.

2. Testimony of healing through deliverance

I was a missionary working in the North East of England. I was ill. I had no strength, I had terrible headache, nausea, stomach pain and generally could not fulfil my role. The small congregation looked to me for leadership and example. I had prayed earnestly for healing but was still sick. We were expecting a Minister and his wife for the week-end, and I was wondering how I would be able to entertain them. (did Peter’s wife’s mother feel the same? Read Mark1:29-31)
One morning I prayed as usual that I may be healed through Yahshua’s sacrifice for me. I suddenly had – all I can call it now was – a “knowing” somewhere inside, that I would be healed when I asked the visiting Minister to pray for me. Yes, I did ask why this should be necessary when I had faith for healing myself! Did I need humility? Did Father desire to show me another kind of healing? He knows.
Finally the visitor arrived, and seeing me slumped over the table in pain, asked what was wrong. I informed him of my state and told him that Father had told me that I would be healed when he prayed for me. The Minister put his hand on my head and cast out the spirit of infirmity. I physically felt something leave my body – and I was healed. I then had the joy of ministering to my visitors with no pain. HalleluYah.