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"Healing and Health"
Page 1. Healing through understanding the spiritual roots of disease.

Health and healing through prevention

Yahweh desires us to be whole. He desires us to be healthy in body, mind and spirit, and I am convinced, the longer I walk on this pathway, and through experience, that all the answers are to be found in Yahshua. (Jesus)
About 13 years ago I began to ask questions about why so many christians have diseases, when Yahshua died that we could be healed. I wondered, "Do we bring certain diseases upon ourselves?" About this time someone passed a book on to me, which galvanised me into spiritual action. The book was called, "A more excellent way" by a minister, Henry Wright, who, along with dozens of medical professionals and christian leaders, and a team of praying christians, have carried out extensive research using thousands of medical histories along with Biblical texts. Through reading and applying the teachings of this book, I found answers to why many of us have diseases in the first place. It is not purely through inherited genes, but through wrong attitudes and mental processes.
Yahweh would rather that we did not get sick at all, and I began to realise that prevention is better than cure! I began discovering that we, unknowingly, bring some sicknesses upon ourselves because of our ignorance and lack of knowledge. The adversary of our souls knows our weaknesses, he also knows our ignorance. He often initiates negative thinking such as hatred, unforgiveness, carrying grudges etc. etc. even fear and anxiety in order that we become open to negative forces and disease. Let me give you an example: Someone, let us call him Mr. M. He is a very angry man. He is harbouring a deep grudge against someone who has wronged him. Someone he used to be close to. His anger grows, his resentment and bitterness deepens. He pushes this anger down, it enters his very inner regions. He 'stews' and it gnaws on him inside. One day he has a terrific pain and ends up in hospital, heart attack. The anger has done its work. He has refused to forgive, ignored the manual the Great Designer created for his health and wellbeing, and ended up with a life-threatening condition. Too late! The scriptures give us guide-lines to teach us how to live our lives, in order that we should find peace and health in our lifetimes. How foolish to ignore the rules, and when we become sick or someone in our family dies through a nasty, lingering illness, who do we blame? The very One Who loves us the most, and Who taught us through His Word and through His Son, a way of life which would prevent it.

A new revelation

Many of our diseases have in fact, spiritual roots. Ministry on this subject has changed my life. Many diseases can be prevented and beaten through understanding their sources. For example, if I am filled with unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment, fear, anger, hatred for myself or others, I am, inadvertantly, setting myself up to be invaded by disease. Also, some diseases have their roots in our ancestry, and have been passed down to us. It is possible to prevent ourselves from inheriting these 'curses' through dealing with ancestral spiritual roots and attitudes. It is possible to "Cast down imaginations, and every hight thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of Elohim, and bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Messiah"(2 Cor. 10:5). This is an immensely powerful scripture to remember and tool to use in our warfare against our enemy.
I have known many people who have lost the battle against sickness through these very same issues. I have heard people with chronic arthritis pronounce "I will never forgive him/her for what he/she did to me!" Our diseases can be a direct result of what we allow into our lives through wrong thinking patterns.
The good news is that we can find answers, in Yahshua, for all sickness and disease, either through direct gifts of healing or sorting out our thinking habits. It means thinking about what we allow into our minds, and more importantly allow ourselves to 'brood' on them until they sink into our phyche where they can cause havoc with our cellular structure and organs. We are encouraged to "Put on the whole armour of Elohim..." (Ephesians 6:11-17) for we fight against a very real enemy, one who does not want us to be healed and whole.
Prevention is so much better than cure! We need to 'captivate' wrong thoughts and not allow them to fester within us. We need to put things right with others, forgive ourselves for our inadequacies and hang-ups. Disease prevention is a lot easier than seeking for healing later when it is too late, when our 'stinking thinking' as Henry Wright puts it, has opened us up to disease.
I personally have found that dealing with spiritual roots of disease has brought great victories into my life, and I would encourage you to pray about these issues for yourselves and those you care about. Fear and anxiety, especially about the future causes high blood pressure, prolonged anger with ourselves affects cholesterol levels, and in the case of men, can cause prostrate cancer. When a woman deals with unresolved issues with another woman, breast cancer can be eradicated.
There is no 'magic wand' of course, and some diseases, especially inherited ones need the gifts of healing, and even miracles, but disease prevention is what our Father wants for us. Our hearts and minds are where our battles are fought, and keeping them free from sinful or negative thinking can keep us from spiritually rooted diseases which are a direct outcome of wrong thinking habits.
I would encourage you, if this is of interest to you, or to a friend in need of healing, to look at this link to some of Henry Wright's teachings who has spent his life studying this subject. YHWH has given him tremendous insight, and hundreds of people worldwide have benefitted and been healed through understanding the principles he outlines. They have been tried and tested, and are always backed up with Scripture. Also, you could order his book (which can be downloaded onto Kindle or despatched to you quite cheaply from Amazon.)


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