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Ultimate origins. Thatís our topic.

Today we look at a third simple assertion. When you break something down to its simplest concepts and it doesnít hold up, the whole structure falls. After 150 years of research, science is no closer to proving the theory of evolution than they were before. In fact the evidence is as scant as ever. One doesnít need to be a scientist with a doctoral degree to grasp it. In fact the basic concepts are so apparent and so simple that once you see them, you wonder how you could have ever thought otherwise. Consider the following five assertions that make it impossible for the evolutionary theory.

1.Something cannot come from nothing
2 Life cannot come from non life.
3 Chaos Cannot Produce Order

What is the difference then between a dead stick and an apple tree? Letís experiment. Plant the stick in the ground; add water, fertilizer and sunshine. The stick has all the basic structures as the tree inside and out; it has bark, a core and a woody trunk. Can the simple addition of energy make a completely dead plant live? No. No matter how much food or energy we apply, it still will not grow, produce leaves, roots or fruit! In fact, the more water and sun we apply, the more quickly it decays and becomes disorganized! This process is described in the Law of Thermodynamics. This law is a serious blow to the theory of Evolution.

A similar thing happens in a simple coin experiment. Place 1000 coins in a box all facing heads. If we shake it twice we will end up with a chaotic arrangement of coins. Some will be heads, and some will be tails. If you shake the box enough, perhaps youíll see all the coins return to all heads or all tails. But try your luck at getting them all heads 99 times out of 100! That is similar to what is required to replicate life! The fact is that everything tends to progress from states of order to disorder.
It rarely, if ever, works the other way around. Hurricanes do not build cities. Floods do not plant fields. Earthquakes do not make paved roads. Chaos does not produce order. Another way of stating the second law is, ďThe universe is constantly getting more disorderly!Ē (World-renowned Evolutionist and avid anti-Creationist Isaac Asimov) In this game, you canít win, you canít break even, and you canít quit the game!

Evolutionists like to say that the Second Law applies to the rest of the universe, but it does not apply to the earth! We are unique, because we have the sun providing an energy source which somehow astonishingly reverses the process. They like to say that the sun is like a huge engine that changes the Game. Itís like someone molding a shape out of clay. A shape molded out of a lump of clay is an increase in order which runs contrary to the second law! The Sun does the same thing!

It is true that outside forces can increase order for a time. However, those reversals donít last forever. Once the job is done, everything returns to its natural direction - greater disorder. In fact it takes the expenditure of large amounts of energy, effort and careful design and manufacture to reverse the curse. But given time, buildings break down, well manicured lawns turn to weeds, clay pots disintegrate, and food spoils if not soon enough. And the opposite is never true. Buildings donít strengthen themselves, lawns donít manicure themselves, clay pots donít un-chip themselves and no amount of waiting will cause rotten food become edible again.

The statement that the Second Law of Thermodynamics poses no problem for an evolutionary origin of life is the most absurd. In fact, one of the most accepted statements in science is that everything in the universe is running down! One of these days, if everything continues as it is, when all the energy of the cosmos has been degraded, all molecules will move randomly, and the entire universe will be cold and without order. We will experience heat death! Not a happy thought. Every day, and in every way, things are NOT getting better and better and better!

Yet, despite the universal facts, evolution teaches that life appeared on Earth due to the result of spontaneous self-organization. One new age evolutionists believes that, in some mysterious fashion, chaos can produce evolutionary advance. I have to admire his faith! Evolution requires that species must advance toward states of ever increasing complexity and that chaos somehow generates order! Has the second law of thermodynamics ever been circumvented? Not yet! There is no recorded experiment in the history of science that contradicts the second law.
If such an important force or mechanism is in existence, it would be so powerful that it would be easy to identify. Yet, the fact is, no such force of nature has been found. In fact, this simple truth is one of the most important reasons why various Evolutionists have dropped their theory in favor of Creationism. If one wants to believe by blind faith that order can arise spontaneously from chaos, it is still a free country. But please donít call it science!

ď For by Him all things were created that are in heaven and that are on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers. All things were created through Him and for Him. And He is before all things, and in Him all things consist.Ē Colossians 1:16-17