Hear Eric's song


1. Beit Shalom. This is a Facebook page which we manage where many relevant subjects are addressed, and you are free to comment. We discuss current affairs such as 'Christian' festivals which have replaced Biblical Feasts, current relevant events and many other subjects. Link: Beit Shalom.

2. Christians reaching out in care to Jewish people globally, those in poverty, need or exploitation. Dedicated to bringing suffering Jewish people home to Israel through life-saving programs, especially from the former Soviet Union, but across the world. Link: Christians Care.

3. John Mackay and others, including many eminent scholars have created a wonderful website called "Creation Research" teaching the authenticity of creation. He has lots of useful resources for teachers ministers and parents. Link: John Mackay.

4. Henry Wright from Pleasant Valley Church USA. This website is about the Spiritual roots of Disease and how to overcome them. Link: Henry Wright.

5. Messianic Times. Linking Messianic people worldwide. Link: Messianic Times.